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Welcome to Freya Skin & Beauty Clinic, Naas, Co Kildare.

Just a little bit about us at Freya Beauty Salon Naas.

I opened the salon in July 2015 to fill a gap in the market, a salon such as this to meet the needs of clients looking for an upmarket beauty salon in Naas, Newbridge & Johnstown areas. Freya Beauty only uses products made by leading brands. We ensure that we keep up to date with the latest products & treatment.

From the outset, Freya Beauty & Skin Clinic is committed to our clients, putting them at the core of our salon. We believe it’s about skin health, not just what goes on it. But what we put into our bodies as well. That is why it is at the heart of all our treatments. While radiance and natural glow are the desired outcomes. At Freya Beauty we want you to feel flawless waking up in the morning not just when you walk out of the salon. It’s about the total experience!! looking after the little details as part of a bigger picture so you can truly sit back and relax. We ensure that every customer feels like royalty and to feel special. We like create a warm friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy being pampered.

Skin Consultation

We provide free Skin Consultations

As the skin is constantly evolving with the seasons. Busy lifestyle causing concerns with our skin, this proves to us how consultations are a big part of every treatment. We at Freya Beauty believe in going back to basics. Relaxing, knowledgeable treatments combined with award-winning effective beauty products, which gives quality and value for money.

Remember we guarantee you will enjoy your treatment with us.

Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend your appointment please call the salon 24 hours prior to your appointment. Any cancellations of appointment with less than 24hours notice given, you will be charged 20% of the treatment or treatment’s cost. If you cancel at the last minute or fail to inform us that you will not be attending. Your appointment or appointments (no show) will be charged 100% of the treatment cost.

Please note that we do send reminder texts. It is your responsibility to remember the time and date of your appointment to avoid ”no shows” or late arrivals. We do try our best to accommodate late arrivals, however, it is not always possible, especially during busier periods.

Patch Test Policy

Have or have you not received a patch in Freya Beauty previously. If you have not been in Freya Beauty in the past 6 months a patch test is required. If you have not received either a treatment or patch test we can not continue.

About Our Brands

About Juliette Armand

Founded the company in 1992. When chemists Mihalis Papaefstratiou and Ioulia Armagou decided to enter the field of beauty products. Creating new formulas and introducing our personal values to the laboratory. Our aim was to create innovative cosmetics based on scientific research. We wanted to identify the real needs of the skin in order to advance our scientific knowledge and research. Thus help improve the way that people feel about their bodies.

Since 1992, the world of cosmetics has changed dramatically. Expectations nowadays are extremely high, and today’s beauty products have to be almost as effective as cosmetic surgery. We are committed to continuing with the same passion and researching the next formula, the next development, the next breakthrough.

A dynamic approach to our strategic vision…

The company’s modern premises are the site of a vertically-integrated, high-specification production unit. We invest in research, new products, equipment, in trained and experienced personnel, following the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics. Our building in Nea Filadelfia houses R&D, manufacturing, packing, quality control, warehousing and the company’s offices.

About Vita Liberata

Always Natural, Always Hydrating, Always Flawless

We use the finest organic extracts in gentle formulas for the most natural-looking tan.
Our products are hydrating, fast-drying, and odorless. They were created to feel as if there was nothing on your skin and fade beautifully, just like a natural suntan.

Founder of Vita Liberata, Irish-native Alyson Hogg has enjoyed a professional career that has spanned broadcast news, academia, hospitality, politics and beauty.

Vita Liberata began life as an anti age skin care line back in 2003, and it is with all this knowledge that Alyson began to explore the formulation of self tan in 2007. Determined to remove all the barriers to use that were normally associated with self tan, her focus came to reality in the creation of Vita Liberata with its Moisture Locking and Odour Remove™ technologies. With a fast drying quality and natural-fade, Vita Liberata’s vast assortment of formulas was able to suit the need of all consumers.

True to her commitment to pure ingredients, Alyson declared Vita Liberata as the world’s first completely non-toxic tanning brand in 2011, making it the healthiest way to achieve an even bronzed glow.

About Grande MD

My humble beginnings started at the kitchen table and our shipping department was in my garage! Today, I’m proud to say that we have grown into a complete beauty brand, with a corporate headquarters and separate shipping facility, guaranteeing our customers only the finest products available. I have dedicated myself to providing women with products that empower them, helping them to enhance their own natural beauty!”

About Fuschia

The Fuschia beauty concept focuses on building confidence. Life can be challenging. Everyone needs a secret helper sometimes, to feel strong enough and confident enough to go out and perform at their absolute best. At Fuschia we make it our business to provide the tools for women everywhere to feel like this, every single day. We call this ‘The Fuschia Effect’.

“At Fuschia we all absolutely LOVE what we do. We are genuinely passionate about helping women to love themselves a little more and feel braver and stronger as a result. Fuschia like to think that we don’t just sell make-up; we inspire confidence.”

Gillian Moore, CEO Fuschia Make-Up

About Skinade

Is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that aims to boost your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. skinade aims to improve the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.

skinade has been developed by leading UK scientists and is designed to provide a perfect ratio of liquid to active ingredients to create one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available anti-ageing skincare products on the market today. we is an alternative approach to your skincare regime – a drink promotes better-looking skin from the inside out.

About Margaret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs London is the globally recognized brand specializing in both credible, results driven feet, hands and leg products and also manicure, pedicure and leg treatments for both men and women which will provide effective, long lasting anti-ageing for hands, feet and legs. Our philosophy is simple – your hands, feet and legs are very important to your look and well-being and we give to them the respect you and they deserve. Book a treatment or buy some products – you will be in for a treat!

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