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Do you know what your skin type is

Do you know what your skin type is

The tell tail sings of each skin type.

Normal skin: Even healty colour over the skin smooth texture without blemishes. Facial lines relative to age

Dry: Generally even colour cheeks can be prone to redness. Skin can feel slight rough, pores very small prone to. Can have premature ageing.

Oily: skin is dull, shiny mainly on the t-zone with large pores. This skin type is less likely to wrinkle.

Sensitive: Red and sore any skin type can have this

Dehydrated: Temporary lack of moisture, this skin type can be masticating for dry. Skin can feel rough. If not treated causes premature ageing.

Couperose: broken capillaries normal across the cheeks. This can be cause by sun damage using to harsh of products also been rough with your skin. Skin may be dry and sensitive.

Mature: Sebum stops been produced skin drys out. Collagen and elastin depletes resulting in skin sagging and tinnig wrinkles form. Pigment becomes irregular can have dark patches or sun spots

Acne vulgaris: Hormonal skin papules, pustules, comedones. This skin is can be violent looking and these large spots can leave skin with scares after

Combination: can be any two of the above. With Irish weather and constant heating we Irish mostly suffer with any of the above and dehydration as a result.





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