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How to get that perfect tan!

How to get that perfect tan!

Tanning can be simple,for some people.

If you are one of the poor people that struggle with tan I have a few things that might make it all that bit easer.

But first there is a few thing you have to keep in mind.

  • What skin colour are you, pale or sallow skin.

  • Do we suffer with dry skin.

  • What we work at.

  • Any skin problems.

Preparation for home or professional application

  • 24 hr before you need to exfoliate with an oil free exfoliater

  • or if you shower just before your appointment, exfoliate & moisturise 24 hr before tanning maimages (16)ke sure to take a quick shower to rinse off any oil that is on the skin, i would always recommended this as over the duration of that day your skin produces its own oil and this sometimes effects the application of the tan.

  • Shave and waxing should be done 24 hr before.

  • choosing the right tan for your skin Orange or green base, Orange base tans work well on sallow as this brings out the natural pigment in the skin, The green base suits pale skin as they have lack of pigment stopping the mahogany look.


The prep is done & tan is applied.

  • Always wait 12 hr before washing the residue off, wait till the water to run clear, you can use a small amount of shower gel as long as it is oil free.

  • Moisturising twice a day with an oil free lotion. This stops the skin from drying out and making the tan look dirty.

  • I Would always recomend not to exfoliate for 5 days but moisteris daliy or twice then exfoliatee on the 5th day and will remove cleanily