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How to in winter ! 

How to in winter ! 

How to protect your face, hair and body in winter !

When it comes to skincare in winter there is only one winner, with cold winds that would cut through any bit of clothing, It’s no wonder our skin is left feeling rough, red and flaky.The freezing winter winds suck the moisture out of our skin leaving a tight feeling across your whole body.

The winter usually starts with us reducing the amount of water we drink and an increase in cocoa, tea and coffee. Then comes the wandering through the shops getting ready for Christmas with the air conditioning as you enter the shop blowing straight over you. You head into work and the central heating is turned up to the max with air conditioning on as well. The drive home is as bad on buses trains and cars the air conditioning maxed out.

Then when we get home if you’re like me the heating goes on while I light the fire and I hug the radiator until I feel warm again. All of these things suck any life that is in the skin out and with this the oil production increases leaving the skin shiny and hair needing an extra wash a week.

Well here is the thing, none of these things are going to change. It’s  going to get cold you’re going to want to have that warm comfort drink while nipping in and out of shops, to have your home nice and cozy. As much as we would like the change we have to go to work. Winter sucks the moisture out of your skin leaving you with dry rough red skin, but there are a few things we can do to help save you over the winter.

From the Inside

I love tea, but I do have to tell myself to stop drinking it and to drink more herbal teas or water, two lures of water a day more is always better. This helps to condition from the inside out increasing circulation which increases blood flow keeping the body warm.

A multivitamin is a great addition in the winter it keeps your immune system up and the added vitamins boost your hair skin and nails. Always try to get as much veg and fruit in to your diet remember your 5 a day.


Applying a body cream or lotion is fantastic to stop the  tight rough feeling all over the body. Using one that contains minimum amount of chemicals and no perfumes is best. If you want fragrance add an essential oil such as lavender which is a natural antiseptic.

Remember you’re  wearing tighter, heavier clothing that can cause you to sweat more, when we sweat we produce salt and when the salt reaches the cold it drys out our skin. Moving from the cold to central heating causes more damage. I prefer body lotion.I apply it twice a day morning and and night this keeps the dry, tight feeling  away paying special attention  to the elbows and backs of knees.

 If you find it too much moisturizing twice a day then I would say to use a body cream as this can be done every second day. For best results ensure you give it time to soak in.


Hands can be left dry,cracked  and sore with brittle nails.

Hands can be a bit tricky as they are exposed the elements so much.  One of the main things to do after washing your hands is to dry  them with a towel not a hand dryer, dryers cause cracked skin. When outside always wear gloves. Keep the heat in your hands keep the blood flowing and moisture from leaving your hands. Hand cream is fantastic for your hands but trying to apply it through the day can be hard to maintain. I find applying it before bed works just  as well as it has at least 8 hours to work into the skin to repair it. Don’t forget a good rich cream no chemicals or perfume.


Feet get it hard in winter because we wear heavy warm booths that make our feet sweat. Apply a rich cream at night to allow to soak in. Add some tea tree oil to the cream as this can  help with keeping feet fresh and is also a natural antiseptic.


Water, water and more water! You  need two or three hats and scarves so you can rotate these so you always have a fresh clean one to put on. The hat is to protect your ears, scarves is to wrap as much over your face as possible to stop the cold icy winds causing dry red flaky skin, This mean your eyes are left vulnerable to the cold winds, rain and sun damage. I always invest in a good sunblock and eye serums in winter as these are what will block the scarf-cover-face-800x533winds and a lot of other damaging factors.


Keep you head warm using the hat covering your ears to protect them use your scarf to cover up as much of you face as possible this keeps everything warm and sheltered from the cold winds stopping chapped dry lips and skin but always remember to keep them washed as not doing so can cause breakouts.

Use a face moisturiser and serum on your face.Using your serum day and night to help windburn and helping the skin to heal. A light cream during the day, and a heavy cream at night to repair the skin.


When it gets to cold out this stripes the hair and can cause split ends. Apply conditioner and leave it in, keep your hair up in the hat so it’s worm this also acts as a treatment, when it comes to summer your hair is going to be amazingly soft. But keeping your hair worm would do so much for it and reduce the amount you need to wash it.

Keeping yourself warm and covered can do so much for your skin and hair over the winter.

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