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Freya Skin & Beauty Clinic incorporates the latest in the beauty industry with science and technology while providing specialised services, in a warm and friendly environment.

Have you any questions about your skin? Skin Consultation At Freya Beauty & Skin Clinic

Are you concerned about Acne, Acne rosacea, Scaring, Lines & wrinkles, or premature aging?

Freya Skin & Beauty Clinic is committed to our clients, putting them at the core of our salon. We believe it’s about skin health, not just what goes on it, but what we put into our bodies as well. That is why Skin consultations are at the heart of all our treatments, while radiance and natural glow are the desired outcomes. At Freya Beauty we want you to feel flawless waking up in the morning not just when you walk out of the salon. It’s about the total experience, looking after the little details as part of a bigger picture so you can truly sit back and relax. We ensure that every customer feels like royalty and to feel special. We like create a warm friendly atmosphere, where you can enjoy being pampered.

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