LVL Lashes & Lash Extensions

LVL Lashes  & Lash Extensions are a great way to get that WOW! factor.

Enhance your natural eye with LVL lash lift.

Improve your own lashes!

LVL Lashes

This LVL lashes lift is a Professionally lift which lengths, volumes, and also lifts the natural lash. Finally There is no need for mascara. No more maintenance, just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up. This treatment takes approximately 45 minutes with results that lash 6-8 weeks. Finally, minimal a with aftercare only to avoid water on the lashes for just 48 hours after the treatment.

 Semi-permanent eye lash extensions.

Classic lashes

Lightweight lashes are gently applied to each individual lash to lengthen and thicken your overall look.

Classic Lashes

These lashes will not damage to your own natural lash, due to the correct home care and regular salon refills which we recommend every 2- 3.

Eye Lash Extensions can be worn for as long as you desire.
Natural, Weightless, Sensational.

Volume Lashes

Soft natural lashes that we applied to your own individual lash’s form 2D up to 8D giving a full fabulous look.

These lashes will not damage to your own natural lash, due to the correct home care and regular salon refills which we recommend every 2- 3 weeks


  1. Leave your lashes alone…be gentle with your lashes and they’ll last.
  2. Avoid oil based products…..cleanser, moisturiser & eye make up remover.
  3. Oil products and extreme heat will dissolve the glue bonds of the eyelash extension. Instead you may use water or an oil free makeup remover ( micellar water) around the lash line. Freya beauty has a recommended oil free lash cleaner in stock if required.
  4. Do not use mascara….. Mascara will again dissolve the bond of your lashes and will fall off. If needed a water-based mascara only on your lash tips, not at the base of your lashes.
  5. Avoid steam from cooking, shower or sauna.
  6. Do not pull your lashes.
  7. Do not rub your eyes the less you touch you lashes the longer they last
  8.  We do recommend an only Oil Free eye make-up remover to be used on your eyes when you are wearing eyelash extensions.

Eye Maintenance

Brow,s Tint to fill out the Brow shape so to define them more, we find what brow suits you and help you achieve the look you desire.

A  Lash Tint, darkens lashes from root to tip, giving all your lashes a chance to be seen without the worry of dark circles from mascara.

24 hours Prior to all eye treatments 

Do Not Ware Water Proof Mascra 

Price List

Party Lashes €20.00
Strip Lashes €15.00
LVL Lash Lift €50.00
LVL Lash Lift Combo€60.00
Classic lashes Full Set €70.00
Classic lashes Refill up to 2 weeks €30.00
Classic lashes Refill up to 4 weeks€45.00
Volume Lashes ( Full Set )€85.00
Volume Lashes refill Up to 3 Weeks€50.00
If over 4 weeks for refills full set will be required

Price List

Brow Shape€10.00
Brow Tint €10.00
Lash Tint€15.00
Lash & Brow Tint €20.00
Eye Combo€30.00
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