Freya Beauty health and safety re-opening guidelines for COVID -19

Our health & safety requirements for COVID- 19. We want to ensure all clients that we are meeting or exceeding all HSE guidelines. Below are points which must be met by client & staff alike.

Client Responsibilities

  • To pay for treatments in full with the online booking when possible.
  • To come to treatments on their own.
  • To avoid wearing excess clothing. ie. handbags, scarfs, gloves, coats, etc. This is to avoid discarding items around the premises.
  • To only pay with a card as to reduce cash transactions.
  • When entering please sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer.
  • We will be asking clients to wear there own face masks when in the shop. If you do not have one will provide one at a small charge.
  • The toilets are closed to the public and only for staff at present.
  • To fill out the COVID 19 form to confirm that you have not got COVID 19 or been in contact with anyone with COVID 19 two weeks before your appointment.
  • If booking in for a facial to fill out the online skin consultation form provided.

COVID -19 Form

COVID 19 Visitiors Questionnaire
If you indicate to us you have symptoms of COVID 19 or if you have been abroad in the past 14 days (with the exception to northern Ireland), in accordance with government guidelines, you will not be permitted to enter Freya Beauty & Skin Clinic.

Your Name (required)

Your Mobile (required)

Your Date of birth (required)

Email (required)

Medical Details

We are committed to the safety and security of your data. Please view our privacy policy here for more information.

Please tick the appropriate box below

Do you have or have you been diagnosed with covid 19 YesNo

Have you travelled abroad in the past 14 days? YesNo

If Yes Please explain

Have you displayed any systems of COVID 19 in the past 14 day, Namely Fever, hight temperturee (Passed 36.5), Presistent Coughing, Breathing difficulties/ shortness of breath and/ or loss of test or smell

If Yes Please explain

Do you live in the same household as someone, or have been in close contact with somone, who has displayed symptoms of COVID 19 in the past 14 days or who has a confirmed case of COVID 19?

If Yes Please explain


Have you been advised by a doctor to cocoon at this time?YesNo

Have you been advised by a doctor to Self-isolate at this time?YesNo
Do you travale olone to work at this timeYesNo

Any other information that is valid

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website

I do confirm that the above information is accurate to the best of my knowledge


Enter Displayed Code


  • All treatments must have an extra 15 minutes added time in order to allow for sterilization between clients.
  • Staff will be wearing PPE health and safety equipment. ie. Mask, Glasses, Gloves, and disposable aprons/ gowns and will be disposed of between clients.

Additional Information

We hope these points help you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In cases of clients that are high risk due to age or underlying medical conditions, please contact us as we are going to offer an out of hours service for these clients. For details, contact us below.

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